Experienced Cyber Experts

Meet our experts

Since 2017, the Offices of Roland and Levitz Associates in Law has been dedicated to providing the San Francisco Bay, New York and Austin areas with exceptional eDiscovery and privacy investigations with the highest level of client service.

Our team of experienced associates handles a variety of cases, including Cyber investigation, eDiscovery, Breaches and Privacy concerns, and we can assist clients in English and Spanish.

Edgar Roland

Cyber Specialist

Edgar Roland is the President of Roland and Levitz Associates in Law, a consulting firm that provides electronic discovery, cyber investigations, and breach/privacy concerns consulting to lawfirms, corporate counsel and governmental entities nationwide.

James Levitz

Cyber Specialist

James Levitz specializes in forensic accounting, investigations, litigation consulting, and financial due diligence. James has extensive experience in the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud relating to such areas as insolvency/bankruptcy, secret commissions, and internal investigations. James has traced and secured assets relating to the proceeds of crime/money laundering throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has testified in civil and criminal proceedings and lectured on fraud related matters to businesses, law firms, and others.

Enzo Alvarez

Cyber Specialist

Enzo Alvarez is a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) at Roland and Levitz Associates in Law, a firm specializing in digital forensics and electronic discovery consulting. He has worked in the digital forensics industry for over 4 years and in the technology industry since graduating from the Florida International University in 2010.

Jorge Orchilles

Cyber Specialist

Jorge Orchilles has a unique background in the technology industry and is particularly adept at helping others understand the benefits of technology and how to use it effectively. Even though he is proficient with Windows machines, he is a heavy Mac user which provides an added dimension to his ability to analyze Apple products.