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Since 2017, the Offices of Roland and Levitz Associates in Law has been dedicated to providing the San Francisco Bay, New York and Austin areas with exceptional eDiscovery and privacy investigations with the highest level of client service.

Our team of experienced associates handles a variety of cases, including Cyber investigation, eDiscovery, Breaches and Privacy concerns, and we can assist clients in English and Spanish.

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0 Data Breaches Per Day
0 Identity Theft Per Hour
0 Cyber Attacks Per Minute
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The cyber experts at Roland and Levitz Associates at Law will listen to your needs and help you with your investigation needs!

Cyber Investigations

Our unique capabilities, relationships and tools, allow our professionals to respond to the increasingly complex challenges clients face and effectively undertake any scope of investigations – nationwide and on a moment’s notice.


Roland and Levitz Associates has a workplace that is professional, team-oriented, and civic-minded where diverse talents and skills are highly valued.


Our satisfied customer says

"Intensely dedicated to getting the best results possible for me on several investigation cases. Roland and Levitz Associates tells you honestly and clearly the plusses and minuses of your investigation case and makes sure you understand completely all options. He is completely professional and one of the most affable persons you will ever meet." - Dan Wilson

"They handled my eDiscovery case with no problem love how effective & efficient they were!" - Aja Jordan

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Address 712 Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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